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BMW Genuine Fuel Filter Element E46

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BMW Genuine Fuel Filter Element E46


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.Fuel filterThe fuel filter removes the tiniest of particles from the fuel and, on diesel engines, also filters out the water from the diesel fuel.

Precisely calculated flow characteristics ensure even absorption, enabling the paper filter to maintain its high-quality function for longer.Created to fit each engine, the smooth cylindrical fuel casing is moulded from head and pressure-resistant aluminium to withstand the high pressures in the fuel system.

The covers and filter pots are welded in a gas-shielding process so that the casing remains tightly sealed even if subjected to extreme deformation, thereby preventing fuel leakage. For vehicles up to 30 August 2001.Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.

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