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BMW Genuine Hex Bolt M8 x 30 10.9-ZNS3

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BMW Genuine Hex Bolt M8 x 30 10.9-ZNS3


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

PRODUCT DETAILS Article Number: PID_498228 IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for installation by trained technicians and not by an end user. Installation must be performed exclusively by a specialist workshop.

Your local BMW Centre will be able to assist with installation. Damage to any part due to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

Represented by part number 10 in the diagram.Supplement: M8X30-10.9-ZNS3Chrome-free CR(VI)

Available for

1‘ E81, 1‘ E82, 1‘ E87, 1‘ E87 LCI, 1‘ E88, 1‘ F20, 1‘ F20 LCI, 1‘ F21, 1‘ F21 LCI, 2‘ F22, 2‘ F22 LCI, 2‘ F23, 2‘ F23 LCI, 2‘ F87 M2, 2‘ F87 M2 LCI, 3‘ E90, 3‘ E90 LCI, 3‘ E91, 3‘ E91 LCI, 3‘ E92, 3‘ E92 LCI, 3‘ E93, 3‘ E93 LCI, 3‘ F30, 3‘ F30 LCI, 3‘ F31, 3‘ F31 LCI, 3‘ F34 GT, 3‘ F34 GT LCI, 3‘ F80 M3, 3‘ F80 M3 LCI, 3‘ G20, 3‘ G21, 4‘ F32, 4‘ F32 LCI, 4‘ F33, 4‘ F33 LCI, 4‘ F36 Gran Coupé, 4‘ F36 Gran Coupé LCI, 4‘ F82 M4, 4‘ F82 M4 LCI, 4‘ F83 M4, 4‘ F83 M4 LCI, X1 E84, X3 E83, X3 E83 LCI, X3 G01, X3 M F97, X4 G02, X4 M F98, X5 E70, X5 E70 LCI, X5 F15, X5 M F85, X6 E71, X6 E72 Hybrid, X6 F16, X6 M F86