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BMW Genuine Interior Air Freshener Fragrance Refill Kit Flowers

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BMW Genuine Interior Air Freshener Fragrance Refill Kit Flowers

The Harmonizing Flowers fragrance has a subtle, fruity-fresh note. The BMW Natural Air refill kit for the fragrance holder consists of three sticks with the Harmonizing Flowers scent. Delivery Overview: 1 Refill kit interior fragrance, consists of: 3 Scent sticks. Material: All created fragrances contain natural ingredientssuch as essential oils which harmonise beautifully with each other and which have been tested to make sure they are non-irritant to skin. Additional Information: Technical Information: No leaks,as the scent stick contains no liquids. Fragrancy: Harmonizing Flowers. 


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

Article Number - 83122285678


Three fragrance sticks as refill package for the interior air freshener holder: Harmonising aroma of jasmine and myrtle.

FEATURES: Three fragrant sticks Natural essential oils Vitalising effect

VOLUME: 3 pc. Suitable for vehicles manufactured after 10.2014.Represented by part number 6 in the diagram.