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BMW Genuine Interior Air Freshener Fragrance Refill Kit Green Tea

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BMW Genuine Interior Air Freshener Fragrance Refill Kit Green Tea

The Purifying Green Tea fragrance has a subtle, fruity-fresh note. The essential properties of green tea and musk are said to have a balancing effect. The BMW Natural Air refill kit for the fragrance holder consists of three sticks with the Purifying Green Tea scent. 


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

Article Number - 83122285674

Material: All created fragrances contain natural ingredients such as essential oils which harmonise beautifully with each other and which have been tested to make sure they are non-irritant to skin.

Additional Information

Technical Information: No leaks, as the scent stick contains no liquids. Fragrancy: Purifying Green Tea. REFILL-KIT "PURIFYING GREEN TEA"

Three fragrance sticks as refill package for the interior air freshener holder: Fruity, fresh note of green tea and musk.

FEATURES: Three fragrant sticks Natural essential oils Balancing effect

VOLUME: 3 pc. Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.

Number of Units: Set Of 3 Sticks

Fragrance: Green Tea