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BMW Genuine Interior Lamp LED Bulb Cold White

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BMW Genuine Interior Lamp LED Bulb Cold White


Represented by part number 18 in the diagram.

Note: Door trim panels always have an aperture for door entry light. The aperture must be covered with a blind cover, if necessary.

See also: 63_1616 Various lamps 65_2667 Single parts f front door loudspeaker Special Equipment: No = 0563 Light package

Available for

1' F52, 2' F45 Active Tourer, 2' F45 Active Tourer LCI, 2' F46 Gran Tourer, 2' F46 Gran Tourer LCI, 3' F34 GT, 3' F34 GT LCI, 4' F36 Gran Coupé, 4' F36 Gran Coupé LCI, 5' F90 M5, 5' G30, 5' G31, 5' G38, 6' F06 Gran Coupé, 6' F06 Gran Coupé LCI, 6' F12, 6' F12 LCI, 6' F13, 6' F13 LCI, 6' G32 GT, 7' G11, 7' G11 LCI, 7' G12, 7' G12 LCI, 8' F91 M8, 8' F92 M8, 8' F93 M8, 8' G14, 8' G15, 8' G16 Gran Coupé, X1 F48, X1 F48 LCI, X1 F49, X1 F49 LCI, X2 F39, X3 G01, X3 G08, X3 M F97, X4 G02, X4 M F98, X5 G05, X5 M F95, X6 G06, X7 G07