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BMW Genuine Left Air Filter Element E70 X5

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BMW Genuine Left Air Filter Element E70 X5


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.Air filter element, leftThis compact component keeps the air that is drawn into the engine parts dust- and dirt-free and ensures the engine has an adequate supply of clean air. It also regulates the temperature of the air and the crank casing ventilation, the combustion processes and the composition of the exhaust fumes.

Tailored to the engine, the air filter contains 'pockets' to maximise dust absorption for longer, an impregnated resin compound to reduce moisture absorption and maintain long-lasting engine power, and GRP casing, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.Advantages of Genuine BMW Air Filters: - Specifically matched to every BMW engine variant- Optimal dust absorption through embossed lugs in the filter paper- Features special resin-impregnated filter paper- Optimal dust deposit degree up to 99%- 60,000 or 100,000 km optimal filter performance- Temperature-resistant filter housing from fibreglass-reinforced plastic

Available for

E70 BMW X5 - E70