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BMW (Genuine OE)

BMW Genuine Paint Spray Titan Silver Metallic Code

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BMW Genuine Paint Spray Titan Silver Metallic Code

Item Number: 51915A55B71 (51911052566)

1 Base coat, 150 ml

1 Clear coat, 150 ml

Ideal for touching up slight damage to the paint of the bodywork and painted plastic parts (such as chips caused by stones)Ensuring optimum looks and protection against the elements

Please ensure the product has been shaken prior to use and the area has been correctly prepared before application. The vehicle's age and paint work condition will need to be taken into consideration.

The paint work may have suffered some weathering due to sunlight, road dirt/debris, snow, sleet, salt from the road and chemicals used during cleaning.

These may contribute to the colour of the vehicle fading as a result the supplied paint may not be a direct colour match