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BMW Genuine Rear Window Windscreen Wiper Blade Single

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BMW Genuine Rear Window Windscreen Wiper Blade Single


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

The high-quality BMW wiper blade for the rear window wiper combines perfect window cleaning with minimum noise emission.

Thanks to its special synthetic mixture and uniform force distribution, it reliably cleans the rear window in all weather conditions without grazing or streaking. The high-precision wiper blade adapts optimally to the aerodynamic conditions of the vehicle and is so durable that it still achieves an impeccable cleaning effect even after more than 300 hours or over 500,000 wiping cycles. All materials used are rust-free and resistant to acids, bases, alkalis, strong light radiation and high ozone values.

The BMW wiper blade guarantees perfect performance and optimum visibility in every situation. Benefits of the BMW wiper blade at a glance: innovative, particularly durable synthetic wiper blade optimum aerodynamics and absolutely uniform force distribution solely rust-free materials 100% wiping performance even at ?10?C simple installation thanks to special plug-in connections includes: one wiper blade for the rear wiper Delivery Overview: 1 Wiper blade, rear. Represented by part number 1 in the diagram.

Available for

X5 F15, X5 M F85