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BMW Genuine Torque Wrench 140nm

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BMW Genuine Torque Wrench 140nm


Article Number - 71126769683

For all those who want to change the wheels themselves

Tightening the wheel screws too tightly or too loosely can have fatal consequences.

The high-quality BMW torque wrench for 17 mm wheel nuts is therefore permanently set to a torque of 140 Nm.

This makes the assembly safely reliable. Benefits of the torque wrench at a glance: high-quality torque wrench for wheel screws wrench opening: 17 mm fixed presetting of the torque to 140 Nm for the safe installation of the wheels made of sturdy chrome vanadium steel Delivery Overview: 1 Torque wrench.

Material: Chromium vanadium steel.

Additional Information

Technical Information: Suitable for all BMW and MINI wheel studs.

Technical Data: Fixed torque 140 Nm. 17 mm wrench size.

Represented by part number 1 in the diagram.Supplement:  140NMSZ_089_09_16

The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

Available for

1‘ F20, 1‘ F20 LCI, 1‘ F21, 1‘ F21 LCI, 2‘ F22, 2‘ F22 LCI, 2‘ F87 M2, 2‘ F87 M2 LCI, 2‘ F23, 2‘ F23 LCI, 2‘ F45 Active Tourer, 2‘ F46 Gran Tourer, 2‘ F46 Gran Tourer LCI, 3‘ F30, 3‘ F30 LCI, 3‘ F80 M3, 3‘ F80 M3 LCI, 3‘ F31, 3‘ F31 LCI, 3‘ F34 GT, 3‘ F34 GT LCI, 4‘ F32, 4‘ F32 LCI, 4‘ F82 M4, 4‘ F82 M4 LCI, 4‘ F33, 4‘ F33 LCI, 4‘ F83 M4, 4‘ F83 M4 LCI, 4‘ F36 Gran Coupé, 4‘ F36 Gran Coupé LCI, 5‘ F07 GT, 5‘ F07 GT LCI, 5‘ F10, 5‘ F10 LCI, 5‘ F11, 5‘ F11 LCI, 5‘ G30, 5‘ F90 M5, 5‘ G31, 6‘ F06 Gran Coupé, 6‘ F06 Gran Coupé LCI, 6‘ F12, 6‘ F12 LCI, 6‘ F13, 6‘ F13 LCI, 6‘ G32 GT, 7‘ F01, 7‘ F01 LCI, 7‘ F02, 7‘ F02 LCI, 7‘ F04 Hybrid, 7‘ G11, 7‘ G12, X1 F48, X2 F39, X3 F25, X3 G01, X4 F26, X4 G02, X5 F15, X5 M F85, X6 F16, X6 M F86