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MINI Genuine Interior Door Lock Locking Round Pin Black Jack Design

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MINI Genuine Interior Door Lock Locking Round Pin Black Jack Design


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.

PRODUCT DETAILS Article Number: 82292406335 A stylish way to secure your MINI with a pin. The innovative door pin with Black Jack can be easily attached via a simple peg system instead of the standard door lock button. Its finishing in high-quality plastic and the stylish Black Jack attachment make the door pin a real eye-catcher.  

Benefits of the door pin Black Jack at a glance: easy self-assembly perfectly matches other highlights with the Black Jack design replaces the standard door lock cap includes: set of two door pins and mounting instructions

DELIVERY OVERVIEW: 2 Door caps. Installation guide. Installation information. MATERIAL: The door cap is injection-moulded from high-quality plastic, given a 2D or 3D design sticker and enclosed with a metal ring.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The round radius of the cap fully matches automotive standards for head-on impacts. The door cap replaces the standard cap. The swap of the caps over themselves can be done with just a few simple steps. More details can be found in the installation information.

TECHNICAL DATA: Size: 2.5 cm diameter. DESIGN: Black Jack.

Available for

R56, F55, F56, R55, F54, R57, F57, R58, R59Represented by part number 5 in the diagram.