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MINI Genuine Oil Filter Replacement For R50 R52

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MINI Genuine Oil Filter Replacement For R50 R52 11420306483 The images are for illustrative purposes only and the product may vary, depending on your vehicle.Tailored perfectly to each MINI engine, Original MINI oil filters are made with synthetic fibres for even greater robustness. They are capable of meeting the demands of synthetic oils and high oil temperatures, with a large filtration area (up to 3,800 sq. cm) that removes great amounts of impurities such as engine sludge and deposits. Even the finest particles - 0.005 millimetres and smaller- are filtered out, leaving only the purest oil and thus being more environmentally friendly as they reduce fuel consumption. Original MINI oil filters are outstanding in their seal quality which prevents impure oil from returning to the oil circuit and in addition protect the engine and extend its service life. Available for: R50;R52Suitable for vehicles manufactured up to 03/06. Reperesented by part number 1 in the diagram.